Evict The Monster Under Your Bed

I’m super excited that my book, the HACKER Method, is coming out on February 27, 2024. I’m excited because this book is going to be used to help so many people break free from the paycheck to paycheck grind and really start to build significant wealth, even on limited income.

I want to talk about the three philosophies that I used when I wrote this book and that I use in The Unexpected Investor as we help people break free from the paycheck to paycheck grind.

The first one is called maximize. When I was a little kid, I was convinced that there was a monster living under my bed. Every little sound that I heard was reinforcement that there’s a monster under my bed and he’s going to come out and he’s going to devour me at any moment, right? Well, of course there was no monster under my bed. Yes, there were sounds, but those sounds were something else, and they were being projected onto something much worse than what was the reality. I think a lot of people, when they think about investing, feel the same way. They see this monster off in the distance. How many times have we heard the story from Uncle Joe or Aunt Susie or mom or a friend that said they tried to do investing and it didn’t work and they lost a bunch of money and this and this and this and this. Or they told a horror story about a contractor, or they told a horror story about a tenant or a short term rental guest that did damage to their house. It. I’m not saying that those things don’t happen, but oftentimes, fear is what keeps us from taking the first step out there into investing. We see these monsters under our beds, and we build them up to be things that are bigger than they really are. Are there risks when we go out and we buy real estate or we buy stocks in the stock market? Yes, there are risks. But the great thing about investing is you can get started, make a mistake, recover from the mistake, learn to not repeat that same mistake. And over the years, you get better and better and better. For me, the saddest thing is when people have monsters under their beds and they decide to never get started, and they miss out on an opportunity to build multiple millions of dollars of net worth because they were too afraid to take investments. So when we talk about the concept of maximize. We got to evict the monster that’s under our bed and begin to maximize our ability to overcome obstacles and to build a successful investment portfolio that is full of assets that go up in value, that pay us a salary, whether we’re at the beach or we’re at the pool, or we’re at home or we’re at work. That’s the way to build wealth, is to have income producing assets that go up in value over time. That’s maximization.

Another concept I want to talk about in maximization is people who are too afraid to invest their money. It’s as if they’ve taken their money and they’ve put it in their fist and they’ve got a death grip on it and they’re never going to let it go. There’s another word for this, greed. So greed is like this hoarding of cash, this hoarding of money. But maximizing your wealth is the opposite of that. Maximizing your wealth is taking a risk, opening up your death grip on your cash and letting it fly out there a little bit outside of your control to go out there and to generate a return. And if you get good at stopping the greed desire to hold on to your cash and you let that go, that’s not only going to build wealth for you, but that’s going to serve you in every other area of your life. Letting go of all of your control over something with the intention of maximizing its power is going to serve you in your life.

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