90-Day House Hacking Acquisition Group Coaching Program

This program was designed to set you up for success on your house hack by leveraging brian's 25+ years experience buying & selling Dozens of house hacks.

What Program Participants Get:


Bi-weekly hour long group coaching video calls with Brian


Lifetime access to the 11 chapter House Hacking Course


Unlimited access to the house hacking checklists and forms


Personalized accountability plan with a daily and weekly checklists


Step by step project progression tracking


Real Estate/house hacking analysis tools and training


90 days of Unlimited email support from Brian Tibbs


Discounts on future events and digital offerings

Still Have Questions?


Are you going to house hack to cover your housing costs but aren’t sure how to do it?


 Are you already house hacking but struggling with how to increase income and streamline the process?


Are you still unsure about the nitty gritty details of house hacking and want more personalized support? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, hiring Brian will save you headaches, mistakes and could help you save a lot of money and increase your return on investment!  

What Can I Expect From This Coaching:

The ultimate goal of this coaching is to enable you to generate enough revenue from your primary residence to cover at least 30% of your housing costs in as little as 90 days.  In some cases, people are able to cover their entire mortgage or more in that same time period.

Brian’s coaching is designed to provide such a lopsided benefit in your favor that you’ll tell all your friends to do as you have.  For just $1997, Brian will personally coach you through all the steps to do a successful house hack.  He can support you in converting your existing residence or help you establishing a buy box, executing a property search and negotiate the purchase and remodel of something new.

What Other House Hackers Are Saying

Holly B.

Covered 100% Of Her Mortgage

“Because of Brian’s coaching and encouragement, I decided to house hack and it was one of the best decisions of my life. My house hack has covered 100% of my mortgage for the last three years and counting!”

Ben and Amber P.

Covered 95% Of Their Mortgage

“Every time the mortgage was paid for, I thought, Man, this feels good!”

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