The Unexpected Investor Community

I wrote The H.A.CK.E.R. Method book to teach people the process of building wealth regardless of their income.

The book has something for anyone and everyone.

But my real passion is the

Unexpected Investor Community

And it’s NOT for everyone.

In fact, it’s not for most.  Here’s why:
  • It’s about being generous.
  • It’s about long-term strategy.
  • It’s about learning from mistakes.
  • It’s about improving the lives of others.
  • It’s about finding friends with big goals.
  • It’s about putting people before money.
  • It’s about erasing financial strain.
  • It’s about building wealth slowly.
  • It’s about thoughtful spending.
  • It’s about relentless investing.
  • It’s about accountability.
  • It’s about taking risks.
Calculator and money

If you read the above and were turned off

by any of the ‘It’s about’ statements,

this community is not for you.

However, if you were strangely intrigued by it all, keep reading.

Membership into the Unexpected Investor Community is by application only.

The application helps us determine if you are truly ready to do what is necessary to live out our community values, which are: 

1) Build a multi-million dollar net worth. 

2) Put relationships before money. 

3) Change the world through generosity.


Applicants fill out an assessment that helps us determine if you are a good fit for the community and if the community is a good fit for you.

Approved applicants are then required to sign the community values pledge form.

Inducted members are expected to uphold the community’s values and be actively engaged in the community.

Membership Benefits:


Monthly 1-hour group coaching with Brian Tibbs, multi-millionaire guests and other related experts


Assignment to a HACKER accountability small group pod


Progress coaching call with TUI staff at each annual renewal


Members-only discounted pricing on all TUI online courses


Unlimited access to all digital tools in the TUI library


Initial 1-hour private consultation with Brian Tibbs (limited to first 50 founding members)


Members-only private social media group access


Couples Benefit: Spouses and long term significant others may apply and join for 90% off regular price


Members-only discount pricing to TUI live events


Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

Membership is $97 Month to month

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