Get Exponential Returns With No Invested Capital!

I want to talk about a concept that I call Exponentiality. I know that that’s probably not a word, but it’s a concept that I think is really important for people, especially people who are working with a limited income or really high expenses and and don’t have a lot of money to invest.

The concept of exponentiality is trying to figure out how to invest as little of your money as possible, but still create that wealth building snowball.

So the concept is when you make an investment, work that investment, whether it’s you buy something, it goes up a little, sell it by something else, it goes up a little, sell it by something else. It goes up a little to where you get to the point to where the amount of money that you’ve invested doubles.

Then once that amount of money has doubled, sell half of the asset. Let me give you an example: I bought some stock late last year. I was really looking at what is happening in our world and AI is really coming on the forefront of our economy. There’s some new technologies with chat GPT that are coming out. So late last year, I really sat for a while and I really concentrated on what are some things that I can invest in to take advantage of the AI? Well, I didn’t have the capital to invest in a giant data center. I decided, I’m gonna invest some money in some stock of some companies that are going to probably benefit from the rush of AI and one of those stocks that I put $1700 in December of 2023. That stock doubled in value by February and then tripled in value by March. So what I did is I sold $1700 worth of that stock. I took all of my initial investment back out of the stock, and I just left the profit in there to continue to build. That is what is called an infinite return.

Once your investment doubles in value or more take out your initial capital, put all your money right in your pocket. So you’re back to 0 and your profits are sitting there and they’re gonna continue to grow.

Now don’t just set it and forget it. You need to review it it’s time to sell out, sell out. But then when you take all of that profit that you’ve made for after already taking your investment out, now you can put it into something else And that is where you can start to see exponential growth in your investments.

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